Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hatch #2

So out of 11 eggs, we have 3 chicks.

Our injured chicks died last night, which was too bad because he was starting to stand up & looking much stronger. I'm not surprised he was a premi and obviously not very healthy.

His buddy who had a bad start, but is much better now, is back out with mom. The little guy needs to learn his manners, he knows who mom is but is not sure how he's supposed to act so I have to keep a good eye on him.

We lost another little MarX last night, I didn't realize but the nest they are in had a cut-out front but it was too high for them to climb back in if they fell out. Probably would have lived if they were closer to the heat lamp.

Mom is still sitting on 4 eggs, but if they haven't hatched yet (and the first started on Saturday) I don't hold out any hope that they are going to.

So... this hatch didn't go so well, but we do have 3 very healthy little chicks; and CoCo is still sitting on her 6 eggs.

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