Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chip, Chip, Chip

EE#2s first little chick
Isn't He/She cute!?
MarranXDominique with lovely eye-liner
We had two chicks DomXMar chicks
born w yolk sacks outside their bodies
one already DNS, the other was brought
into the house because he's not doing
very well.
 We also had a cream egg hatch. Turns out the Buff Orp is the one laying the pink eggs, so I don't know who laid the cream ones at all!

This little guy and a 3rd DomXMar are in the house. The chick with the yolk-sack doesn't seem to be able to stand, but he's a spirited little guy, so he's getting cooked yolks in the hope he'll pull through. The other DomXMar is doing better, but still a little weak.

It appears these chicks hatched a day or two too early, and I'm really not sure why since they were hen-hatched.

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