Thursday, November 24, 2011

Playin' in the snow

Goats we're too sure at first, this is
D & Harry's first snow!
Once they realized there was food
they were out the door like a shot!
Ducks were first out of the coop, but a
little wary of the snow
Yes those are the DUCKS!!
Including one of our large males!!
I couldn't believe it!!

Horses were pretty excited to see the snow

Well, you're not really
suppose to eat it Mads!

Happy to be out of their blankies
so they could play in the snow.
We had ice/rain forcasted for overnight but doesn't look like we got a drop of it! Instead we got about 6" of snow, which I'd much rather have then sleet any day.

Too bad it's all gonna melt!

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