Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yankey Banky Joins the Crew

 Or a lesson in why not to offer your 3 year old to let him name the animals...

Yankey is a 2 year old SaanenXPygmyXBoer (so: milk x small x meat goats) and she's been out with another pygymy for the summer so is hopefully pregnant (or just quite round!) and we could have kids as early as January.
Oops, someone needs a trim!
Like most hard-hooved animals goats & sheep need to be trimmed, usually at least twice a year, especially if they are kept indoors/on soft ground. Our guys are always running across the concrete in the barn, or jumping on and off rocks so they wear their feed down. I am expecting we'll need to do a quick trim on everyone in the spring (because of the snow covering the ground over winter) and we'll do that when Billy get his hair-cut. You can just use regular garden trimmers, they work quite well.

Quick trim all around, and welcome
to the farm Yankey!
Isn't she a cutie-pie!! Her former nickname was "Gazelle" because that is what she looks like.

Harry is very impressed!
Yankey immediately took leadership of the whole band, and has been bossing the boys all over the place (Billy too). Which I'm very happy about! That's just what they needed was a momma-goat to show them the ropes of being a goat.

I have to share this picture of a piggy from Yankey's farm. THAT is a pot belly pig!! That is the healthiest pot belly I have ever seen, I even had to ask & double check it was actually a pot belly! It actually looks like a piggy!! They are not supposed to look so wrinkly and fat they can't move or see well. I hope our guys look as nice when they are all grown up. 

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