Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The end of the world as we know it?

We're one of the lucky ones, hubs with a really stable job in a growing & busy industry. But with all the economic doom and gloom what are some simple things you can do to help your family become more self-sustaining?

1. Buy Chickens
6 months - for 2 years you should get 6 eggs/7 days out of a healthy hen. Yes, there can be bi-laws if you live in the city, but most of these are changing. Hens generally do not make a lot of loud noises (although some do sing after they lay). It is also very possible to keep chickens indoors in a large enclosure. Quail are generally not banned anywhere because they are not chickens, although you may need a special permit. Layer feed costs about $12 for a large bag, and you can (and should) supplement your chickens with kitchen scraps and weeds. Bantam chickens are small, they produce smaller eggs as well, but they also need less space & less food.

2. Start a Garden
$100 worth of seeds from a large internet provider will supply you with a huge garden with tons of varieties and more produce then your family can eat. You don't need to spend even that much money, you can get last year's seeds from the dollar store or big department store, for very inexpensively. You won't get as high a yield (not as many of them will be 'good' seeds) but the veggies won't be any different. You can also ask any veggie gardeners you know, and yes you can grow from things you buy at the grocery store. Once you've got your garden going, you can learn to save seeds and not have to buy year to year.

3. Learn to Cook
Want to make bread for less then $1 a loaf? Something that is fresher and tastier then you can get at the store. Cooking is time consuming especially when you're first learning, but when we can go to McDs for $25 for dinner, or I can make a huge, simple, steak dinner for less then $15; what would you rather eat?

Lastly, as the holiday season is quickly approaching, many people appreciate home made gifts. Just make sure all the wood for your cutting boards doesn't split because it dried out too fast leaving you with a last minute scramble...

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