Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In the coop again

New Egg Cartons
Very impressed with Berry Hill! Our order & shipping were carried out really quickly, they're in Canada too and we got our cartons only a few days after I ordered them.

We bought 50 regular egg cartons, but they do hold the xls just fine, the jumbos are stretching it a bit.

So we're selling a few dozen eggs a week already!

The new waterer
Set us back about $70, but I really like our new waterer & wish we'd bought one a long time ago. Definitely worth the money!

It's very easy to fill (as long as you read the instructions first...), the chickens love it because the water stays clean, and it holds a lot of water so I don't need to re-fill every day even.

I really like this one because it's deep enough for the ducks to easily drink out of it. We bought the 7 gallon (their last bucket was about 2.5 gallons).
New leg Bands
Along with the egg cartons I got some leg bands so we can tell some of the chikens apart.

Momma EE #1 and #2 are now really
EEs #1 and #2
One of the new black stars
I found the trickiest part was catching the chickens & getting the leg bands on right side up. These are the wrap around kind that don't require any special tools.

The green ones are a tiny bit too big for the chickens, I should have gotten one size down; but none have fallen off yet.  The blue ones fit the little EEs perfectly.

I banded our 4 EEs as well as the 5 black & whites (4 marrans & 1 BPR) and the 3 black stars. I didn't band the red stars because they're all going into the stock pot (we may keep one or two, we'll decide that later).

It's already been great because I can tell which ladies are laying eggs! (If I catch them in the act)
Don't they look cute!?

The chick creep

I did this when we got our first chicks too, it provides the little guys a safe place to get away from all the adults, as well as feeding them the chick starter where the adults can't steal it all. Momma EEs have already figured out this is a safe place where the chicks can get feed, so they've been leaving one at a time to go eat themselves, while the other chick-sits.

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