Monday, February 27, 2012

Cook: Margaritas

This one is from chef Michael Smith (a.k.a. Chef at Home)

He must have a stronger blender then I do.

When I went shopping for lemon & lime juice, it was actually less expensive for me to purchase Mott's Margarita mix (which is basically lemon & lime juice anyway) then just pure lemon and pure lime juices. The margaritas were good but came out really chunky with the bits of lime in them!

They were also really strong, but not complaining about that (although if you'd asked me the day after I probably was complaining...).

I rimmed the glasses in just plain course sea-salt.

So I'm tossing this recipe in the trash. If you had a really strong industrial blender it would probably work. Mine is no light-weight (I made all our baby food in it!) but it wasn't able to deal with chopping a whole lime enough to make it drinkable.

For our next fiesta:

1 cup mott's margarita mix
1 cup white tequila
1 cup orange liqueur (I used Cointreau)
4 cups ice

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