Thursday, March 1, 2012

Home-made Barometer

I've been watching those Edwardian Farm videos, and one showed how to make a turn of the century (Uh, the last one...) really cheap barometer.

It basically involves exactly what you see. Some water and food colouring in a jar, with a long-neck bottle stuck in it. Supposedly as the pressure rises so will the liquid in the long-neck bottle. This probably wasn't the best day to try this out since we're having a snow storm, but hopefully when the barometer rises we'll see if this works!

Project number 2 is a lesson in not leaving you saddle out in the barn...

I have no idea if it's food for the Suede, but Resolve carpet cleaner can now add turkey crap to the list of "other" things it gets out.

This is a wintec western saddle, which is great because synthetic tack is a little more forgiving in the un-regulated temperature of our barn and really requires no maintenance. I'd love to have nice leather stuff, but it is way more expensive too.

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