Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snow Glorious Snow!

There is a pretty good reason why there haven't been as many photos on the blog lately; and spring-like weather in February is most of it.

Poop covered paddocks are not exactly the most attractive looking thing. This happens every year, all that poop that was dropped over the winter is just hiding away in the snow, so once the snow melts the poop is left behind. If it were really spring the ground would have warmed up enough to wake up all the little microbes and they've very quickly start breaking down all that poop into great nutrients for the grass. In a few weeks all you'd see is lovely green grass again.

However, with the snow melting off but the ground still frozen hard, there are poopsicles all over the paddock and it's really quite a nasty sight.

And then on Friday...

And FINALLY I can walk across my yard without falling on my butt. At least for now.

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