Monday, August 22, 2011

A Tale of Tails

Billy's cute little behind

Most lambs have their tails docked when they are just born. There is actually a really good reason for this, fly strike. It can kill a lamb in no time, so to increase survival the tail is removed so that it can't hold feces against the lamb's body.

Billy is a bottle baby so we were always available to wipe his bottom if he needed it (thankfully it wasn't an issue!), so we never docked his tail. And the boy has just about the cutest butt on the farm!

His whole bum shivers when he's happy (like when I used to bottle feed) or if he's going for a good kick in the field it wags like a dogs'. Plus he uses it to fend off biting insects.

If you're going to keep a pet lamb, I highly recommend not docking their tails. They are just too cute to loose!
(His fuzzy balls were pretty cute too, but those had to go)

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