Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wheelbarrow Chicken?

Feel the need to issue a public apology to my husband for calling him crazy for suggesting this; but moving the chickens in the wheelbarrow at night did, in fact, work.

Big storm coming so we had to bring all the animals in. Chicken tractors can tip in high wind (why you need to weight them down) ours hasn't been tested yet, and I wasn't looking forward to testing it in the middle of the night by letting all the chickens out! So instead we brought them in with the other animals and left the tractor out by itself. Now if it tips, we'll know, but not loose any birds!

The chickens were all sleepy when we moved them so we did one big trip by throwing them all into the wheelbarrow and taking them into the barn.

Can't believe that worked! And I really wish I'd brought my camera out with us!

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