Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why Meg is mad at me

She hates me SO much right now...
 Meg is getting a little too round about the middle, so I decided it was time for a grazing muzzle.

We got an "easy breath" from  horseloverz.com, it's great. I love how well the breathing holes line up, I could probably ride her in this if I really wanted to (that would be a really stupid idea though)

Uh... I guess you need to put them on a little tighter then I did the first time... I did manage to catch her after 5 minutes (she's really mad at me!!) and got it on tighter, hopefully she won't get it off again.

The muzzle allows her to still eat grass (there is a big hole in the bottom), but makes it harder and so she takes longer, and gets less food. That way she can stay out all day long, but we can also get her down to a healthier weight! Right now she's wearing it for about 12-14 hours at night, and has it off during the day.

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