Friday, August 26, 2011

Simple Predator Control

No joke! I leave the radio on CBC all night, and I think it's been scaring off all manner of creature; and understandably because it sounds like there are people in the barn. Then again,maybe it's not doing anything, but it definitely doesn't hurt.

Bright barn light with a daylight/motion sensor, works great for creatures little or human. Plus it's very handy when we've got something going on in the evening, it lights up the entire yard.

Our place smells like dogs, sounds like dogs, and there are dogs. They work great for keeping creatures at bay. Coyotes will attack dogs, but we had a good chorus going here the other night, got the dogs to respond & the coyotes shut right up and moved on.

A 5 Joule zap will send any coyote heading for the hills. We've got a top and bottom strand in the sacrifice paddock, and plan on continuing that all the way around the field in the future. Electric fence is also great for keeping curious people out of your paddocks.

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