Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chicken FAIL

I understand that most people don't make back their money on their first round of meat birds, because of the beginner mistakes you make; but I was sure, SURE that I had read up enough, and figured this all out and that wasn't going to happen to us. Not.

Consulted with the processor yesterday afternoon and it's most likely our birds have roundworm. Apparently it's been a really bad year for the worms & that's why they haven't gained any weight. We've sunk all our money into feeding worms, not chickens.

So as soon as we worm they should gain some weight, of course the feed store just ran out! I gave them some D.E. with dinner and we'll go with the commercial wormer as soon as it's in.

I don't know how long roundworm can last in the soil, considering there haven't been animals on the land for years, before us; this really caught me by surprise!

Still feels like a bit of a failure in my part, but we've learned a good lesson! Just glad we started out with 50 meat birds instead of 100 or more!! These birds better be tasty 'cause they were expensive!

Everyone is getting a round of de-worming including the dogs & cats. 

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