Thursday, September 8, 2011

The new feed room

After their last break-in to the feed bins we had to do something to keep the goats out of the feed. It costs us money in spoiled/spilled feed and it's very bad for the goats.

So we converted the old grain room into a tack/feed room. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner!
As with everything else, it was a big job. Still filled with lots of junk and old feed, had to clear that all out so we could use this space.
The best part about the old grain room is that is that the room is covered in steel all over the walls to keep the mice out! So I now have a mouse-proof feed/tack room!

This was not as dirty of a clean up as most of the other spaces. The old feed was easy to remove. The wood siding that was placed on the floor, thankfully, wasn't covering anything up! I think they just put it down because it is slick & easy to move the feed over.
Some of them did, but we're
not sure all these windows came
off the house

We are keeping all these old windows to re-use them into a recycled window green-house in the future! Very excited for that project, but it probably wont' happen for quite awhile.

The grain chute
We're going to try and put a door into the main part of the barn in the back of the feed/tack room. That was you don't have to walk through the snow/rain when feeding. 

Because it was our project, when repairing the side of the wall here, we went to 'well this is great, but how can we make it awesome?' and hubby installed the window. It looks into the loft, so we don't get too much light, but just enough that you can see to feed without turning the light on.

Hubby still has to do the electrical, we'll have a few lights and some plugs. I don't think we're going to be able to insulate because of the amount of space, but I do have plans for paint. Including adding a painted on black-board to one side.
Still lots more work to do to organize the feed/tack; but for now everything can have a place (which makes me very happy) and the goats can't get into the feed any more!

The goats are not pleased.

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