Friday, September 9, 2011

Pastured to Perfection

Because of the small flock growers laws (grrrr!!) I can't, for instance, put an ad online saying we've got chicken to sell. So when we ordered our first birds we only got 50 because (1) this was our first time doing it and I knew we might mess up (and we did!!) (2) because that was enough for our family for a year and we weren't sure we'd find enough 'customers' for the rest of the birds.

It's amazing who comes out of the wood-work when they find out you've got meat birds. Despite the set-backs we've had with these birds, it makes me feel pretty darn good to hear there is a market for what we're producing!

One of hubby's friends drives past frequently (which is why I really need to stop wearing my PJs to feed in the morning...) and in conversation asked my husband about the meat birds saying "Are you selling any? Those birds out in the field in front of your house? I've seen them! I want some!!"

For the record we actually have none to sell at all right now, in fact we're trying to see if it's feasable to procure any more (most of the hatcheries don't sell birds for the winter) to raise under lights in the barn or something. Come Spring, and once we've got the worming thing sorted out (!!), we'll definitely be getting many more birds for next summer!

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