Monday, September 5, 2011

Radio Listening for your Monday

While crawling around in the very dirty, dusty and hot loft Sunday afternoon (which I'll get into soon) I, as usual, had CBC on while I worked. Tapestry is not something I normally enjoy listening too. I'm not going to bring religion into a blog about our hobby farm, but Tapestry is a program examining religion and culture.

This episode not only fit into what I happened to be doing at that very moment, but was absolutely enthralling.

The episode is called "Dominion" and it exams the relationship between animals, religion, and our human responsibilities. It starts off talking about a Ministry of Animals, then a Presbyterian minister about whether or not animals have souls. Then they went to a Halal Slaughterhouse, not all that far from us, the men who run the abattoir have an inspiring respect for the animals that pass through their doors. Hearing them has furthered my desire to learn to process our chickens myself, and see them come to the most humane ending possible. The episodes ends with an amazing whale story, which absolutely must be heard.

My favourite quote from the episode was definitely:

"What do you feed a cat?
Cat food.
What do you feed  a dog? 
Dog food.

Who do you feed junk food?"

Highly recommended listening!

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