Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eat it or Love it?

The debate has been brought up again recently with ads like these:

Appearing in the TTC, what is the difference between eating a dog when we all eat pigs? (The creators of the ads are promoting vegan lifestyles).

May I offer this as an explanation?
Yes, the pot-bellies are very cute, now, while they are young. So were the tiny little meat chickens, very "cute". Human beings are not going to all switch over to a vegan diet tomorrow, so my argument is that in the mean time we need to push for better education of consumers and welfare for the animals we eat.

You want to live a vegan lifestyle go for it! But be aware that our omnivorous lifestyle may be far more environmentally sustainable. We produce our own organic foods, breed the animals here & slaughter locally. Do your research for yourself before climbing on your high-horse. You can't listen to the propaganda the big "animal welfare" groups are spitting out, because it is as bad as the propaganda from the big meat sellers.

So why should be eat pigs when we don't eat dogs? Because a dog isn't going to eat you if you knock yourself unconscious and fall in their pen.

A pig is a pig is a PIG. And while I don't actually like pork all that much, we still eat it on occasion. Is it better that it's coming from a huge factory farm kilometers away? Or from a small breeding group in our backyard?

While our two still don't have names, we aren't planning on eating them. Pot bellies do make good meat pigs because they are very lean, and easy to raise on small amounts of land.

Has great info all about raising pot bellies for meat, and what the differences in the meat are.

I hope I never come off as being up on my high-horse, I really don't judge anyone who chooses to buy their meat at big grocery chains. We used to do it, and between supply still would. If you compare prices you may be very surprised that buying conventional farm-gate meat can be a lot cheaper then buying from the store.

I am very passionate about our farm, so I will talk your ear off about why I think all meat/production animals should be cared for with respect and under organic principals.

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