Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I just want to squish is little face and call him Andy Dandy Candy, but I think he's the butchest animal on the farm!

My brave protectors
In case you notice one of the dogs is missing, that is because she is hiding behind my car, from the sheep...
What's all this fuss about?
Andy is a 200lb Suffolck, Rideau something-or-other almost 3 year old whether. You can't tell from the picture, but he's about the size of our water tank! Or, I'm 5'2" and is back is almost up to my hip.

Maddie was the bravest of the bunch!
See Meg in the back FREAKING OUT!
Or, according to the horses, the size of a small bear.
Yankey testing the waters.
Andy is the biggest sweetheart cuddle bug! Yanks immediately tried to tell him his place. I can say quite a few things about Yankey, but the girl has balls...
Show off
Meg proceeded to freak out for about 20 minutes, she's been living with goats and sheep and all sorts of animals for months now and this GIANT sheep was one over the line.
I should scare her with sheep more often
But I finally have a NICE photo of the surprisingly most un-photogenic horse in the world! She's stunning in person, especially when she starts showing off, but get the camera our and she starts standing weird, or sticking her tongue out or manure spots will magically grow on her side.
One lonely sheep + one lonely sheep
apparently =
one sheep scared poopless
and one wandering around asking the ducks
to be his new friends

Billy isn't so thrilled with his new friend right away, Andy is like 3x his size; but I'm sure by the end of a few days they'll be cuddled up in the straw together, best friends for life!

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