Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love it when a plan comes together!!

Up in the rafters is really where
turkeys want to be
Friday during the snow storm the turkeys went out on a little walk, and decided it was so slippery they didn't want to go back to the coop; and I couldn't be happier about it.

Now that the turkeys have moved into the barn I've got a whole little "bachelor pad" area to keep Jr. Roo in. Then I just add in the hens I want to breed & voila!
Moved right on in!

We'll have to find a spot for Uggo, he's still not big enough to make a meal out of (and maybe at this point he never will be); but he's almost old enough to breed so I want him away from the ladies. 

Ever seen a Rooster smile before?
He's pretty happy!!
The turkey are happier way up high in the barn rafters anyway; it's closer to where they would naturally roost in trees. Of course they decide this after I finally figure out the perfect system for keeping their water running.

The chief-in-resident is not quite as pleased
but he's still got his huge harem, so not much to
complain about!
 Junior Roo is very happy with the changes. I've given him the for marran ladies (he is a cuckoo marran himself), the BPR and the 3 black stars. In a couple weeks when they've flushed out all of Big Nasty's sperm we should have some eggs I'd really like to hatch.

Course it will still be mid-winter, so that may have to wait a while longer. 

Ladies weren't too pleased with the catch
and release, but they seem to like their new digs okay.

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