Friday, February 3, 2012

The Fox & the Stork

Lots of people ask whether or not you can keep turkeys & chickens together. My experience says yes, but you probably shouldn't.

I've found the turkeys grow up to be jocks, and they will go after the little nerdy chickens.

The turkeys require different management then our chickens. They remind me of the Aesop's fable of the fox and the crane. The chickens love to scratch in the litter and slurp up their little nuggets of food. The turkeys with their long neck & bills would rather eat out of a container so they can get a mouth full.

I am NOT going out there!
My chickens will NOT go out their door below about -5C, but the turkeys are out running around on the coldest days, playing in the snow looking for food.

The turkeys are stronger fliers and they really like to roost way up high. They're much happier in the barn rafters, wild turkeys roost in trees overnight.

There are also lots of concerns for turkeys over black-head, because it doesn't affect the chickens, only the turkey but they can both carry it. I have found this to be less of a problem then the different behavioural and managements practices that the birds need.

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