Thursday, February 2, 2012

Regular maintenance

What an impressed chicken
looks like
All better
I try to throw a little hand-full into the nest boxes at least once a week, but eventually the poop builds up and I have to clean them out completely.

You can get your chickens to stop sleeping in the nest-boxes by cutting off access to them over night. I'd rather clean them out every now and again then get up at 5am for a few weeks to open their nests back up before they wake up.

That's why they are pooping in the nest boxes, because they are sleeping in them.

So when I start getting overly dirty eggs in the house it's time for a big clean out. It's gross, and messy but the girls always appreciate the effort.

I just scoop what in the nest boxes out onto the coop floor, then the next day I'll make sure to throw a little feed on top, so the girls mix it in to the rest of the bedding very quickly.

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