Monday, January 30, 2012


Home-made burgers are AMAZING!!

We had our ground-beef ground medium (another bonus of having your own!) so it's very nice and juicy. I've learned the simplest recipe is the best with these. They get a little minced garlic & onion, an egg and a good helping of bread-crumbs.

I had a hard time getting the patties to stay together at first, and more bread-crumbs was the answer.

I also picked up these delicious ciabatta buns from Independent (Loblaws), with a little dijon, ketchup, baby spinach, red onion, fresh tomato... it makes quite the burger!!

And for those who like to claim you can't afford good food, one of these babies costs less then $2 and one will fill you up. WAY better tasting then a fast food burger, and less fat, no added salt (except the condiments), no added sugar. Just good food.

We might need to have these for dinner again tonight now.

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