Monday, January 16, 2012

Blog Notes

Finally got around to labeling my posts. I know, 'bout time! I have over 300 posts to go through so it's going to take awhile before they all get done. You'll notice them at the bottom of every post from now on, and when you click on one you'll be able to see all my posts with lots of photos in them, or all the ones about the goats, or whatever you're interested in.

Also, as we've officially "launched" the business on Jan 1st, I'm starting a new section of posts (like KSCC, or Cook) on our business. I'll talk about our marketing strategies, most about the finances around raising chickens and such, and what sort of software I'm using, that kinda fun geeky stuff I love. Starting today with a post on our new business cards.

On that note I'd like to offer this 
quote from The Omnivores Dilemma 
"There's money to be made in food, 
unless you're trying to grow it"

I'd also like to welcome any comments or questions about anything we're doing on the farm. Most of the time I am flying by the seat of my pants, but it sure is a lot of fun!

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