Saturday, January 21, 2012

EE momma

Don't piss off a momma defending her chicks!

Little brown is growing up!
Except, wait! Those aren't her chicks!! She didn't hatch them (EE#1 did that) she didn't raise them (EE#2) did that, she's not even remotely related to any of them!

And yet, EE#3 apparently wants to be a momma hen so badly, she took in the little chickies.

She scared the crap out of me when I went looking for a missing chick and couldn't find him, only to see her sitting funny & realize there was a little bum under her wings.

I'm absolutely astounded by the mothering instincts of these easter eggers. They're simply amazing.

(I mentioned both EE#1 & #3 were sitting on eggs last week, I collected the eggs and am trying to break them of their broodiness, the eggs were abandoned several times, and froze it's just too cold in the coop for chicks right now)

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