Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Caught 'Yah!

Muhahahahaha MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Love this picture of billy, I took
it during the snow storm last week.
If you don't see it, look at his horns!

The goats have been contained! We finally found that last of their little holes, and after a week of being stuck in the paddock unable to cause trouble I can official say they are fenced-in!
Poor things, trapped in the paddock
with all their food, water & shelter
Except that the back fence still need to be replaced this summer and they'll be able to squeeze back out under the fence as soon as the ground thaws... but let's not tell them that until they figure it out.

As soon as that back fence is replaced & we get a donkey, I can start letting the goats out at night! Even now I can finally leave and go to the feed store and not worry about them. It's not that they ever went anywhere once they escaped (actually they'd just wander over and eat my garden or lawn), but you never know.

Oh also the ducks have decided
they live in the barn now
I don't know why the ducks decided to move out to the barn, may have something to do with an over-eager rooster not respecting species boundaries; but they've come in to live with the goats & the pigs and that's just fine with me.

The cows broke into this part of the barn the other day, and Gertie stepped directly on top of Louie. Despite his flapping and attempted squawking she didn't take notice and proceeded to put a great deal of weight directly on top of him before slowly coming to the realisation that (1) the crazy lady was yelling at her (2) there was something under her foot.
They're not talking to me.

Louie is none the worse for wear, although I think next time he'll get out of the cow's way a little faster. Muscovy really are indestructible! (I've heard lots of stories of them being run over by cars and just keep on truckin'...)

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