Friday, January 20, 2012

Water, Water, Everywhere

And all of it frozen solid!

After spending $40 each on heated water buckets I wasn't overly pleased at the goats pulling the cords out of the wall so their buckets would freeze anyway!! (Plus major fire hazard). Luckily I bagged myself an electrician, all fixed.

Surv always runs over to
be the first to have a nice long
clean drink
The only problem with the cord running under the board is when the goats poo in their water, as they do every freaking day!! I have to pour their bucket into another bucket to take it outside, but it's a minor inconvenience for having running water for them.

The chicken water was less simple. The waterer itself cost us about $70, funny thing is we can also buy a heated base for it for another... $70. The layer birds do not make enough money for us right now for those kinds of investments.

(In fact I have about 8 full cartons of eggs in my fridge right now I can't sell because our front steps are not evenly spaced/way to slippery; so unless I want to go stand out beside the road & flag cars down, I've got to wait until spring/new steps.)

So using the extra small water bucket we purchased, I rigged this up.

Okay, it looks ridiculous, but works quite well. I had to raise the bucket up so the cord would reach, then create a ramp so the chicks could get to the water, then there are bricks IN the bucket. Hopefully if a chick does fall in, they can get back out. They'll probably freeze to death from being soaked, but at least they won't drown. (Let's just hope they don't fall in!!)

Speaking of things that are fixed, weeks of nagging finally paid off and the back doors of the "goat section* " are finally extended to fill in the area they were heightened.

*I've given up and we're no longer calling it the horse section since the horses are never in it & the goats always are.

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