Sunday, August 7, 2011

After a whole afternoon of driving around in circles (not as much fun as you think it's going to to be!!) on the lawn tractor and the pasture is looking MUCH better. Wish I could keep the animals off it for a week, but without having the other pasture divided, we just don't have the space.

I ran out of gas before I got to the back but I fed hay with dinner anyway, the wild canary stuff they don't really like, since the grass is a little short. 

The mower also chewed up all the poop that was out there. Spreading it around or picking it up is a good way to reduce worms (as is rotating your pasture with other species, like cows).

The best part was when I was watching the ground for rocks I noticed a very strange little green one!! This tree was supposed to be cut down in the next few weeks because it's mostly dead. Really hoping this is a granny smith not a crab apple!

The tree is in really bad shape
needs lots of pruning
 I'm not really all that excited about having an apple tree of any kind in the field, because the horses will gorge themselves, and can get really sick. If it's a crab apple we'll be cutting it down, if not, I'll have to fence it off.

This one (behind the apple)
is actually dead and needs
to be removed soon

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