Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Diatomaceous Earth

Over-top of the meat chick's litter

This stuff is FANTASTIC! It's made up of crushed sea-shells and works very well on little pests by slicing through their bodies & killing them off. I spread food-grade D.E. all around on bedding that doesn't get changed every day, on favourite sleeping spots outside, and I'll give the animals a good rub-down with it every now and then.

In the big chicken's favourite dusting spot
A food-grade D.E. can also be used in a feed-through program to control worms in your livestock. You can get it online, but most gardening centres will carry some type of D.E.. I went in last year to get some, and resorted to one that was not food grade. This year they've stocked the shelves with the food grade stuff!

I rub D.E. on the goats & sheep to prevent
any pests that might burrow into their hair.
I even used it on the dogs. 

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