Monday, August 8, 2011

Kicked Out!

Penny! Hide your shame!

Henny & Penny have stopped producing. Penny gives us maybe 2 eggs a week now, so my solution was to send them to the stock pot. I lost.

So they've joined "Teddy" the barn rooster in with the goats, to control the bug population in the barn/yard. 

Henny wasn't too impressed
with Teddy at first
Henny did NOT like this arrangement at first and kept trying to get back into the coop, but after a few days she's accepted life and is enjoying her new found freedom.

Since Henny completely failed at motherhood I doubt she'll be raising any chicks in the future. Penny has blood-spots on her eggs so we won't let her reproduce since it can be genetic (blood spots aren't "bad" they are just ugly).

2 chickens really isn't enough to keep a rooster happy, but our baby Lenny was ripping the girls feathers out with his in-experience, so I think life with Teddy is going to be a lot easier. We may bring in some more barn ladies as time goes on, or maybe we'll just start a retirement home for spent chickens... (I really hope I'm joking about that!!)

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