Friday, August 12, 2011

Finally added something we don't have to feed... as often

Honey Crisp Apple Tree
Pioneer Nursery in Kemptville, Ont. was having their summer sale and we bought our lovely new apple tree at 25% off. Lots of beautiful plants and flowers of all descriptions, I love going there, and really wonderful and helpful staff! Especially considering my children decided they were at home and wanted to run around the nursery with their shoes off yelling and touching all the flower like little forest spirits... (I have very "free" and nature loving children, just glad everyone stayed clothed!)

This blog has some great photos of the nursery! Martha Moments

Honey crisp happen to be the favourite of my father-in-law, so I promised him once we bought an apple tree, that is what we would get.

It should take 2 to 3 years to fruit now that it is grown. We picked a really nice sunny spot out in the middle of the yard. Far enough away from the shop/barn that it wouldn't be in the way of trailers, but we should have a nice shady tree to sit under in a few years!

We'll probably purchase more apple trees in the coming year, and put them out by the garden for our own little orchard. I doubt very many of them will make it past the kids to my father in law if we don't!

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