Friday, August 12, 2011

Anybody want some cows?

On Wednesday we celebrated the goats finally having grown large enough to not be able to escape the sac. paddock any more with this:

Much easier to get them back in this time, only took us about 20 minutes with the ATV. Pushed through the same spot they had before, apparently the electric isn't working properly. We've got to get this fixed properly before the farmer has a conniption! (Thankfully he was very nice about the first time)

By the time we got them back in I was ready to sell them all off tomorrow and get some Dexter instead...
(smaller hopefully meaning easier to keep in...)


It was even less funny when they did it again Thursday afternoon... Had a chance to meet our lovely neighbours 2 houses down, and was invited on their trails, very excited! (Didn't mention we'd already been down them once looking for the cows last time they got out)

Think we finally have the fence fixed so they can't get out again, but then again we thought that on Wednesday as well...

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