Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finally they have names!!

I'm pleased to introduce...

Who is far too busy eating
to look at the camera
 Harry (Houdini) is the little s# of the bunch! Always the first to lead the charge to escape the paddock, he gets through the smallest spaces, and heads straight for the garden. Hence, the name...

He's very friendly but a bit of a bully with the other animals, always pushing Billy around (which is not a bad thing, considering the weaponry Billy is growing!). I think that may partially be because of the lack of horn on Harry's head. Harry is very affectionate with people, and he's usually the first to 'Maaaaaaa' at me if Billy hasn't spotted me first!

This is D...


Diego would you PLEASE back up?? 

The biggest of the crew, he's the biggest softy and just loves all over yah. Comes running every morning for his scratches and always checking in your pockets to see whats going on. He's usually last out of the field if they are escaping, and stays very happily contained as long as there is food around.

They are doing an amazing job controlling the weeds out in the field & because I don't have any lettuce right now (too hot) I've been letting them into the garden supervised, because they eat the weeds in between my tomato plants! Still have to watch them though, because they love to eat the grape vine.

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