Friday, August 5, 2011

Madaket - a match made on COTH

COTH is one of my favourite places to waste time online :). Tons of amazing horse information, lots of entertaining barn drama, and usually a really good discussion or two to weigh in on.

I posted to just a little while back asking where people usually find their "packers". Which would be horses that are very worldly, gentle, and great for beginners, because I wanted to get my husband into riding with me and find a companion for the lovely Meg.

I wasn't quite ready to find another horse, but when someone emailed me with the EXACT horse we had been looking for... well we couldn't pass it up!

1 month later this beautiful gelding pulled into my yard.

You can tell right from meeting him what a gentle soul he really is! I just can't wait for Meg & her new Romeo to meet in the morning, they are going to best of best friends.

And it's a very exciting new undertaking for our family. I love my Meggers, but she's high strung and will never be the horse I throw my kids on. That is a job for the newest member of the barnyard crew!

Welcome Maddie, Welcome home!

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