Friday, August 5, 2011

Maddie's First Day

 Maddie came in late last night so they didn't get to meet right away, actually I'm pretty sure Meg headed to the back of the paddock as soon as she saw the trailer...

Squeal, Stomp!

Smart Maddie is just letting Meg have her space

"Well I like him, but I still get to be princess right??"

These two are going to be best of friends!
Allowing your horse to meet over a fence for a few days is a good idea when introducing a new horse to a herd. I've had Meg for years & years, and introduced her to many horses, so I have a good idea of how she is going to react to any particular new horse. Remember a broken leg from a kick costs a lot more then being overly cautious!

The Squeal Stomp
Perfect reaction by Madaket

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