Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quack, Quack, Quack... Quack, Quack

Maddie isn't the only new occupant!

We weren't planning on adding any more poultry but sometimes a deal comes along you can't pass up. We've got 2 boys (Louie & Huey) and 1 gal (Dewy). That's a bad ratio to have with ducks, eventually they are going to start fighting over the girl and with them all being siblings bringing in some outside blood also means we can start our own flock.

I went to pick up the mother duck of these two, funny story, we got her to the car where she decided there was NO way she was going in that little cage... scratching (and Muscovy have BIG nails), flapping and wiggling, she got free. I was SO embarrassed but the kind woman selling me the ducks just shrugged and said "okay take some babies!"

And so, we have two very pretty little ducks!

The big guys already loved them. I was worried they would pick on the new guys, but it was Lenny that took exception to them and our other ducks immediately stepped in to defend the little munchkins! VERY COOL!

These guys were born the 19th of June. We thought our guys were 2 weeks old when we bought them (and therefor 2 weeks older then these guys) not so much...

You should quarantine any new bird for at least 30 days before adding them to your flock to lessen the risk of spreading disease
(we chose not to because the woman we purchased from was a knowledgeable owner of a very healthy looking flock, so we're hedging out bets on the little guys being clean)

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