Thursday, August 4, 2011

Second Misadventure of the Day!

I don't know WHAT has gotten into Diego today, but it's such a good thing we had to go into the barn to check on our new occupant tonight!!

I get out beside the barn and we can hear a very distinct bleating. When a goat gives their alarm call you KNOW it.

I go running in and he managed to get his head stuck between the slats on the manger and haul the whole thing down off the wall on top of him!!

Thankfully it's not very heavy, he was more stuck because of the awkward way it fell, but he's totally fine. It's also now been fastened far more securely to the wall (nice to have a handy hubby around!) and hopefully someone learned his lesson!

None the worse for wear
and enjoying a little treat
for his misadventure

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