Monday, October 24, 2011

Cook: Salad Dressing

Simple lunch
w Feta & Cucumber

For this one I don't have a recipe, just a suggestion you go on a google hunt, but please give it a try!

I make my dressing with:

- 2 dashes of olive oil
- 1 - 3 dashes of vinegar (depending on how I'm feeling)
- pinch of salt & pepper
- little dollop of dijon mustard
- tiny bit of minced garlic

So I know that's not really helpful, there are lots available on the net that have measurements & instructions. After you make it once you can start playing around to make something you really like.

Balsamic vinaigrette is SUPER easy to make at home and is absolutely delicious. Salads are one of my very favourite things to eat, mostly because (like scrambled eggs) I add almost anything to them. Just take whatever is in the fridge and you can make a salad, you don't even have to have lettuce. Also you get lots of veggies and it's a low cal meal (provided you don't add too much feta).

My kids don't really like this dressing, but they are still pretty little & I make mine very tangy.

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