Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Madaket's new Feedbag

Maddie showing off the new
fashion trend
Meg is enjoying her freedom so much she is refusing to come in the barn except if it's really pouring and miserable. Otherwise she's quite happy skipping around the back paddocks eatings all the nasty cow hay (while the cows eat the nice green horse hay...).

It's gotten so bad Maddie won't come in for meals either, apparently he can't be without his new beloved for 15 minutes. So we came up with a solution that pleased everyone, and I am now a feed-bag convert.

(Obviously I could keep halters on everyone and  go out and catch them for meals, which would establish a routine and after a few weeks they would come in on their own every day. I don't have time right now for that. If Megs having a day where she doesn't feel like being caught, it can take 30 minutes - 2 hours to get a hold of the brat)

Loving Retirement!
I've heard from other people that feedbags are a great way to feed your pasture horses.They don't take nearly as long as bringing the horses in & out (and cleaning up after them) and they can't fight over food, because the picked-on horse just leaves. 'Course you still have to catch them and take the feed bag back off when they are done.

Either way, cost me $16 and Maddie can finally get his dinner in peace & quiet, outside where he wants it, near his beloved yellow monster.

Plus Maddie is one of the messiest eaters I've ever met!! Dribbles his food all over the place. With the feedbag I know he's getting his dinner, instead of the goats & chickens! Even if he were in his stall I'd keep feeding Maddie with the feedbag now.

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