Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Site

I've launched our new site, and would like to introduce our new farm name: Booth Boys With that we've released our price list, but I'd like to go into that in a little more depth here.

Chicken 3-5 Kg $7.50/kg $5.58/kg - not organic,
not free range
7.99/kg - Dundas, organic
Eggs Dozen $4 $3 not organic,
not free range
$6 doz - Dundas, organic
Beef Variable $10/Kg
all cuts
Variable $4 for ground beef
to $20++ for steak/roast  not organic
Eastern Ontario, organic

Recent supermarket prices are not on sale, at a very large international chain store known for it's low prices. Those are the actual prices of meat in our area from Oct 21st. The "EFAO prices" are from then EFAO website (go to "market prices"). They do a survey of local farms selling at farm gate and have an average for prices in the area.

These prices are just to start and we may be adjusting our prices over the years, as things change.

I thought I'd provide this list for people just starting up, or maybe some people with more experience that want to yell at me. We don't have anything available now, but in the spring we'll be opening up a farm-shop on site.

Everything is farm-pick-up-only as per Ontario law. 

We're also hoping to have turkey next year, and our goal is to get some pork in as well. Depends on how things go.

I really wanted to auction off Billy's first fleece as a fund-raiser to get him some ewes to play with (funny story... Billy is a rig, yeah we messed that one up good!!). Since wool is under a farm-gate only regulation I'm happy to keep it & knit something lovely. Or maybe I'll make a little sheep toy and we'll do something with that instead.

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