Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beautiful Fall Day

Burger is going to freezer camp Nov 7th or 8th
Can't believe how big he is already!
Steak has always been a little smaller,
although he's pretty big too!
Steak is going to stick around until the Spring.

Tired dogs are happy dogs!
Nice to have great neighbours,
they don't care a bit
about us being on their land.
Took the dogs for
a run down the lane way on the ATV.

Diego is about ready to have that cast off

Yes, Harry, Hello Harry...

Horse enjoying having their rain sheets off.
Poor things have been in them for a week and a
half with all the rain we've had!

'Course what is the first thing you do after
you get your blankie off?

Finally got a half decent picture of Megs
Too bad she's FILTHY!!
Oh Maddie, you always look so
exasperated with all the non-sense around here.
Love that nice round belly though, he's looking
so healthy & happy!

Still can't believe what a big boy he's turned
into! From that scrawny little lamb only a few
months ago.

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