Thursday, November 17, 2011

Billy's Ball

So Billy is feeling a little lighter after this morning. A quick surgery (only took an hour, we just drove around town for awhile) and he'll be a happy wether here for the rest of his life! It cost us about $100, which we could have avoided by waiting a few weeks longer before with elasto-banded him the first time; but we were under the impression it was going to be a lot more expensive. Now we don't have to worry about his displaying ram behaviour with those huge horns of him.

Harry is happiest of all as he was the one Billy was taking out his, uh..., unresolved hormones out on...

Actually it was the same Dr. Ken Newman (who is also a vet surgeon) who fixed up Diego's Leg. The Prescott Animal Hopsital (where Billy went) and the Rideau St. Lawrence Vet (who fixed up Diego) are all the same practice, so I ran into all the same Techs today. They are all lovely people but I hope we won't be seeming them again too soon!

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