Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today on the Farm

Coco kicked one of her eggs out of the nest.
You can see how spotty the brown one is,
my guess is that it is very rotten and it
went right into the garbage.
 Spotty eggs can be a sign of bacterial contamination.
The white one is just a regular egg layed that day.

Billy is feeling a little lighter,
happy to be out of the car!

I got in actual physical confrontation with
the goose!
 Someone needs to learn his manners or we'll be having goose for Christmas dinner... I'm sure I provided a lot of entertainment for everyone driving down the road, standing out in the field fighting with my goose!
We never found the horn, but Billy's head is
slowly growing back

The horses are pretending there is still grass
outside. We should have snow or at least
the ground should be frozen by now!
 Meg has also dumped her halter out in the field... I better go find it before it does snow.
Steak is being a total suck.
 Talked to the farmer we bought him from last night, we should keep them separated for at least another week before he can go back in with the other cows. He also said "If you want a pet, nows the time to gentle him", yes he was joking... steak is of course is only going to grow larger from here and is still a bull.
Harry is very very upset with all the
attention everyone else is getting.

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