Monday, November 14, 2011

Stuffing a Chicken.

 Our chickens, accidentally, ended up between 2kgs & our biggest was 3.5kgs (approx 4.4lbs - 7.7lbs); the biggest are far larger then anything you'll find at the grocery store. All the 3kg+ serve 4 people quite well. We like them so much we're going to change our plans for next year & grow some this large on purpose this time.

In fact, they are so big you can stuff them.

And it was delicious.

This was the really simple stuffing recipe I used, really quick on a weekday night. With home-layed eggs (or free-range farm fresh) you're going to want to reduce the number of eggs. Ours just seem to stretch a lot more then store-bought ever do.

I am wishing that I'd cut up some of the chickens before we froze them, we love roast chicken but having just a few breasts or something would be nice.

Since we froze them right away, it's best to leave them out in the fridge for 2-3 days to thaw and they improve in texture over that time. The birds are really flavourful and juicy.

I'd also love to hear any new recipes anyone wants to suggest.

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