Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today on The Farm

Diego got his cast off! Yeah Diego! 
The piggies got to go outside and run around
I've decided I really like these Turkeys

And that we live on the funny farm
(love Maddie's face!!)
Had to move CoCo to the dog kennel after
the BPR tried to steal her nest

Momma still has all 4 and they are doing well!

A lot less running around
this time, just nosing about
looking for food

I had to fix the fence beside the over-hang
Also love the half-buried metal

Use enough nails!?!?
More fun surprises!
Guess when this window broke no one picked
up the glass.
I got to pick through horse poo & nettles without
my gloves one to pick it up.

Apparently it rained a little bit last night...
Steak has figured out I will feed him out of pity if he
moos enough, and is now driving me crazy.
Diego's not quite sure on that leg yet,
but doing better!

I hate this squirrel.
It loves to sit in trees and drive the dogs crazy.
Can you make squirrel pot-pie?

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