Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Diego's Leg

So Diego is all better, he was a total ham at the vet's office! I'm starting to think he'd make a great therapy/education goat.

His leg has healed very well, the vet says there is no movement at all where the bone has nit. He's got very little muscle tone in that leg, but I'm sure he'll bulk up pretty quickly keeping up with Harry & Billy. Diego's still a little hesitant to use the leg as he goes, but there doesn't seem to be any pain.

Now, what you really want to know. For the same price as a reasonably nice grade Saanen milking doe, preg. for next year, we fixed our adorable pet wether. The total vet bill was about $200, which the gals at Rooney's put in great context. If he was a dog or cat it could have easily cost us 5 times as much.

The vets at Rideau St. Lawrence did an amazing job with Dee. The cast worked great and the bone healed nice and straight. We could have DIYed the whole thing, and if it happens again may be we will, for now I'm just happy to have one happy bouncy goat back to health.

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