Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cheep, Cheep, Cheep

We have our very first home-grown chicks!
(The ones that Henny sat on she eventually abandoned/pecked open).

I was so nerovous to try again after that, but one of our new chicks had already sucesfully raised 2 chicks, so hopeful as well.

& Success!!

Now, you really are not supposed to disturb momma on her nest, but...
Last night as chick#1 emerges

Isn't he cute!?!?
I shoved her off for a quick shot, before letting her settle back down.

The other eggs have taken on a very dark hue (having collected the same eggs very often, I can see the slight difference in colour) which hopefully we have more babies arriving very soon!

We had another little fuzzy bum pop out this morning, probably not long before I went into let the birdies out.

Little Chicky-1 (green egg) is the best colour, he looks like a newborn penguin, all gray & yellow. Chicky-2 (pink egg) is much darker but also has yellow patches.

I've got a chick waterer that mom can also drink from in the kennel, and I'm just feeding them on the ground for now, mom will show them were dinner is.

Momma EE is NOT happy with me
I've been reading that you really can't let hens with chicks mix because they'll attack each other's chicks. I don't know if that would actually happen to us because we have lots of space for them to move around (especially during the day) and both EEs are raising similar mixes of chicks that will be around the same ages. Either way I still want to separate the flocks, at least for the first little while. So I've got some thinking to do. For now they'll just have to stay in their kennels.

1 more cream coloured egg has pipped, and I can feel the little chick rock'n'rolling in one of the browns.

5 more eggs too go!

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