Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Snouts Around the Farm

We have got to stop going to the Chesterville auction...

Lenny is outta-here! Pretty bird, but kept attacking the kids so we had enough. Got $16 for him which I'm really happy about! He deserves some ladies to love being such a nice lookin' boy. And we've got his Marran ladies eggs hatching under the EE in a few days!

 Teddy went to a stew pot. We didn't want to feed him over the winter, and he didn't have much use around here anymore. Plus since he wasn't allowed into the coop (by the other roosters) he would have frozen in the barn by himself.

It is much quieter around here now!

Sold the last of the Narragansett turkeys at the auction when I found some new ones to buy. We couldn't find him a hen so there wasn't much point in just keeping one tom (at least for our purposes). So we're switching to Burbon Reds which I have to pick up this week.

'Course since it's us, we spotted some adorable new farm animals, and couldn't resist. We picked up a lovely pair of immature pot bellies. They're living in the back of the barn with the goats and seem to have settled in well so far. The owner grabbed my attention as soon as we won the bid on them, and mentioned his kids had raised them and the pigglets were super friendly. So far their pretty scared of us, but I'm wining them over pretty quickly plying them with all sorts of scraps from the kitchen!

The little boy squealed like a... well, a stuck pig! when we first got him out of his tub, but once he realized I was petting him he calmed right down. The kids just LOVE their new pets!

Piggies are staying in the barn until they learn where home is, then we'll let them out into the field. There is no way our current fences are going to hold the tiny little things (the stall doors barely do! They are so small!) but once they learn their names (which they still need) I doubt they'll wander far.

 This lovely boy is a Chinese Gander, we got him for $8 which is a joke. He seems really tame so we may keep him, especially if I can find him a girlfriend. He's supposed to be in quarantine in the barn for a week or two, apparently the ducks didn't get the memo... We're also keeping him in so he doesn't fly away back home! He'll probably stay in the barn for another week, then we'll see how he does with the other animals and he can go in the coop.
A new friend!? For Us?


  1. Love the new additions! I've always been a fan of the potbellies. Perhaps because our physiques are similar...

  2. lol - they are unbelievably cute! They are sleeping in Maddie's stall for right now, which is huge for two tiny pigs. I went to go check on them late last night, and I was starting to worry I couldn't find them. Then I noticed the two tiny black sausages right at the door buried under the hay :D.

    We've already sold one of their pigglets, and they're still babies themselves! Although we're having a bit of a "problem" with them trying to mate :S. Need to do some more research.

    I can't imagine why people think they make good apartment/house pets but I think they are going to make a great addition to the farm. I can't wait to let them out into the garden & see what they can do. Wish it was a bit warmer but we have an old dog pen so when I can find a quiet day they are going out for a little outdoor exercise.