Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gobble Gobble Gobble

We started off in June with 4 3-4 week old Narragansett turkey poults. I was really hoping out of those 4 we'd get a breeding pair, but they were all toms! Not a bad thing, that also meant they were bigger so they made better turkey dinners.

The plan for next year is to raise our own heritage turkeys, keep a breeding pair, and fill out the frozen ranks with Broad-Breasted-White from the hatchery, then in 2 years we'll have our own breeders and we can just produce organic pasture raised heritage turkey (You can't really breed BBW for a lot of reasons). I actually crunched the numbers and it's less expensive for us to keep the breeding group then buy day-olds every year.

We looked around for a Narr hen, but couldn't find one until the day after we sold our last Tom. What I did find was some 2 month old Bourbon Reds instead. So we're going to buy a trio and hope for the best (Turkeys are hard to sex until they mature!).

The Narrs were beautiful birds, but I'm excited not to have to try to spell "Narragansett" any more!

Bourbon Reds!

Much easier to pronounce & spell! Also they get a little bit bigger then the Narr and are supposed to be the best tasting of the two.

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