Friday, November 11, 2011

Scrap Bin!

Friday Project:

Is to fill the scrap bin with all this garbage and get it off the farm!

So no time for crafting this week (plus I still have my hot water bottle cover to do, no time so it's going really slowly).

Instead I have pictures:
Steak wants back in with mom.
The electric was not hard to re-string
but they've cracked some boards.

Good thing we decided we wanted to replace all this fencing next year anyway! Not sure what I want to do, but I'm thinking post & board.

We've got some major re-thinking of the pastures to do anyway. Originally we were going to do one big paddock, but now thinking that is silly because it is SO much cheaper to do one paddock for small animals (chickens/etc.) on small fencing and use cow-fencing for the pigs pasture.

I can't believe it but we ran out of feed bins! I thought we'd bought way too many, but with the addition of the pot-bellies and new turkeys we don't have enough any more. 

Horses: Fat 'n Fibre & Sweetfeed*
*(sweetfeed need to be tosses out as it's old & I'll use this for something else until fatty looses some weight)
Chickens: Layer & Chick starter
Then we have Beef feed (which we don't use often), Pot Belly Pig food, Cracked Corn & Turkey feed.

The feed room is metal-lined so we shouldn't have a mouse problem, but they are still getting in somehow, so I had to store the bags of feed in the car overnight!

Not getting any sweetfeed
At least she'll be warm over winter...
Maddie, that is the most attractive pose EVER!

He was in the ditch hiding from Fatty while he ate his dinner. He's getting nice and fleshed out now (following Meg's diet plan I guess!) I've actually had to cut his food right back!

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